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I Speak with Love

"Where focus goes, energy flows. And where energy flows, whatever you're focusing on grows." ~Tony Robbins

I Speak with Love

I move through this day with ease and harmony. God is my source and substance of supply. I immerse myself in God’s infinite abundance and relax into receiving my highest good.

In this day I am mindful of my thoughts and words. I speak only with words that are positive and are my highest Truth. My energy is laser focused on the highest and best. I focus my energy with my heart’s desire and demonstrate with ease.

I let go of people pleasing and spend time with people that value my time and worth. I speak with love and compassion. I listen with an open heart and open mind. As I give – I receive. I do my best each day, and I speak to myself lovingly.

My heart is filled with love, I am grateful to be me. I give thanks for friends and family. I give thanks for all my good and live in the overflow of all my good.

Knowing where my energy flows, whatever I focus grows. I release my Word to Law and the Law makes the way possible.

And to you, Love Peace Joy

And So It Is

~Wayne McDonald, RScP


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