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I Envision a World of Peace, Harmony, Love and Right Action

I Envision a World of Peace, Harmony, Love and Right Action.

I shift and lift my consciousness to hear the uncomfortable and release any complacency to conditions in the world. I listen deeply to all people, and am richer in wisdom, friendship, compassion, humility and understanding of the current turmoil on this plane of consciousness. I act justly and encourage others to do so. I declare the world is healing, reconciling its many divisions, building systems of equity, opportunity, love and light. I envision justice, love, and well being permeating a world in which the dignity of diversity of each culture is valued, that injustice ends with equality and freedom for all, and that abundance is showered upon those in need.

I declare that the leaders of our country and the world are wise and just and make the right and perfect decisions to create a world of justice, peace, harmony, reconciliation, freedom, compassion, patience and forgiveness, guided by love. As I breathe deeply and allow the cosmic spirit to saturate my being, II see and understand the need to end injustice, prejudice, despair, disharmony and more, and am committed to add my voice and personal energy to the quest for a world that works for all.

With gratitude, and knowing the spirit of the one Source, God, expresses as me, through me, for me, and is me, I release my word to the law, knowing it returns to me, multiplied abundantly.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Schneider


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