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I Create My Highest Good

God is perfect unconditional love, casting out all fear and doubt. God is all that there is, ever was, or ever will be. Omnipresent Substance in all through all and as all. Omnipotence, the only Power there is, was, or ever will be, besides whom there is no other seeming power or powers. Omniscience, and Intelligence that knows that it knows. God is all presence, all power, and all knowing. God is a Causeless Cause, which is Its own reason for being.​

​As a spiritual being, I am an individualized expression of God, exhibiting all characteristics of God on a miniature scale very much like the drop of water and how it relates to the ocean. The drop of water is still water on a smaller scale than the ocean.

I am unified in consciousness with God by virtue of the fact that God created us in Its likeness and image. I can never be separated from God (although judging by appearance, I may be falsely lead to believe otherwise). I declare that despite what I think is my reality, I see my highest good unfolding. I remain focused on Spirit in the midst of the experience. By knowing only God, my highest good manifests.

I give thanks for Truth of the Word spoken during these trying times, knowing my Word does not return to me void. I continually release my Word to the perfect activity of the Law.

And so it is.

Phil Pomare, RScP


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