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I Am Whole, Perfect and Complete

There is One Truth, One Infinite Source of good, One God operating throughout the Universe. This Infinite Source and I are one. I am a Spiritual Being having a unique expression on this physical plane.

I know that every cell and fiber of my being is infused with the loving, healing Presence that is Spirit in me. I express my special God-gifts of love, joy and kindness to all physically and in thought. God’s promise that the gift is already given is available to me at all times. There is no lack or limitation other than my consciousness of lack and limitation; therefore, I heed God’s promise and enter into a consciousness of perfect health, vitality, and energy, knowing that I am whole, perfect and complete right here and right now. I am a unique and special creation of the Infinite Source of all that is good. The beacon of the light of Spirit, as me, infuses my experience with the glow of perfection in all aspects of my life.

I express gratitude for the Divine Presence within me and for my perfection. I trust the Thing Itself as I gratefully let Divine Law unfold beautifully. And so it is.

Kathryn Hack, RScP


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