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I Am Peace

Peace noun /pe~s/ 1: calm assurance, even in the midst of chaos 2: freedom from negative thoughts and emotions 3: powerful healer

"I express the Spirit within so that only love and confidence go out to everyone I meet, blessing everything I touch, and bringing peace and comfort and joy to the world."~ Ernest Holmes- 365 SOM, p. 21

The indwelling Spirit in me is the ultimate Peace maker, Healer, and Loving Power, and I allow this incredibly beautiful Divine Force to flow bountifully in, through, and as for me. Spirit is an endless flow of peace, joy, and comfort, and I am the extension of Spirit in our physical world.

As I awake every morning, I guide my thoughts towards positive expectancy about my day and my part in the world. I affirm to myself that I Am Peace and Joy personified and that I spread this to anyone I think about, come in contact with, or communicate with in any way.

These ripples multiply abundantly through the Power of Spirit, and anyone touched by them gets infused, and knowingly or unknowingly continues to spread the healing message of Peace, Comfort, Love, and Joy around the world.

I know Peace comes from the absence of fear, and I have absolute Trust IN Spirit, and the pure Faith OF Spirit. I know I Am part of the endless flow of Spirits healing Peace.

As my gratitude is flowing as easily and strongly as the Peace energy, I gratefully give thanks for these healing gifts of Peace, Comfort, and Joy, and release it in Divine alignment with, and as Universal Law.

And So It Is. Amen.

~Agneta Bylund, RScP


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