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I Accept the New Good

“I accept the new good that now comes into my life.” ~ Ernest Holmes, “Creative Ideas”

Gratitude is overwhelming when I think of the Infinite Light, my God source that is All and Everything. The Oneness I know and feel is so soothing, so comforting and I know that I AM made of Infinite Light and Love… and that this is the Truth!

“I accept the new good that now comes into my life.” This Loving Healing Infinite Light is my Source of all good! I AM wide open to receive wonderful gifts in every area of my life!

Physically: I AM ever abundant financially… God is my source and supply.

Emotionally: by experiencing loving relationships, with others and myself . Mentally: by clarity, calm and focus. Spiritually: by peace & grace, an ever awakening consciousnessand faith that my life is moving forward and that I AM in the process of fulfilling my mission on this earthly plane.

The world around me may seem unsettled but I know, feel, and joyously accept the new good that is continually flowing in to my life! Not only am I deeply rooted in Peace and Love , but by just being me, I Am spreading calming, joyous, creative, life affirming energy as the Divine Light that I AM. I accept and embrace change and the new good that now comes into my life.

I gratefully receive my new good, and release my word as Divine Law, knowing it is already so.



Agneta Bylund, RScP

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