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God-Mind Is My Only Authority

"There is that in you, Spirit, which is unconditioned regardless of what you have done to

condition yourself." ~Raymond Charles Barker

God-Mind is my only authority. Today, I choose to focus on that Truth. Regardless of

appearances, facts, situations, or challenges, there is only One Sacred Truth about life.

The Truth is that there is only God-Mind. I am made in the image of this Infinite One,

and my use of God-Mind is the channel through which the Infinite reveals Itself.

Though conditions may appear as problems, lacks, and limitations, I choose to rise

above those appearances and tune into a greater idea of Sacred Truth. I face facts

squarely and with confidence, knowing it is my spiritual responsibility to transform

negative facts in my life by changing negative thoughts into Spirit’s highest ideal of

living. I now choose not to give any creative energy to negative facts or conditions. My

energy, my focus, and my love is given to the creation of solutions, answers, and ideas

of spiritual awareness for my life’s enrichment.

There is that within me that knows and responds to the Truth of my being. I now call it

forth and allow spiritual wholeness and intuitive revelation to flow by means of me with a sense of easy awareness. I love from Spirit Power with peace, poise, and confidence.

With joy and conviction, I give thanks as I release my word to that Infinite Law of Mind

that knows what to do and how to do it to bring my word into form and experience. I am the authority of God in action as my life. The results are sensational!

Dr. Arleen Bump, Minister Emeritus, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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