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Free From Limitations

There is One source, one power, One Life, Simply God.

I am One with this Infinite Source of Life that flows through me, within me in love.

I declare today I am living in the quiet and joyous expectation of good and greater good. God is not only my life, God is substance taking form in everything I do. God is not only the actor, God is acting through me now. God is not only the giver; God is also the gift. This gift I receive in joy, with gratitude. I know at my core I am wholeness and vitality. I expect everything I do to prosper. I know and experience myself free from any limitations. I expect new and wonderful experiences to come to me through infinite avenues, channels, and opportunities. I am living in complete confidence that the kingdom of heaven is right here and right now, and I am prospered in everything I do.

With this deep gratitude I release my word to the atmosphere of the quantum field witnessing its swift manifestation into existence as complete and uncomplicated restoration.

And so it is.

Sherry Gideons, RScP


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