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Divine Order

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.

~Thomas Merton

I recognize God as Source and Substance, ever available Supply, Compassion, Order,

Peace, Beauty, Freedom, and Truth. God is All, and I am one with this Infinite Creator. I embrace this Truth for me and for all of life.

I speak my word from this place of oneness, and I know that my life is an expression of God, which has the mission of knowing this magnificent Truth for all. I accept that all know Substance and Supply through faith and intelligence as well as through manifestation. I accept compassion for every human being. I know that all are blessed. Omni-active Love knows no barriers. Omnipotence expresses Itself as uninterrupted communication. Omnipresence reveals Itself as Order in all affairs, undergirding all with the Peace that surpasses understanding. Individual Peace is a patchwork in the quilt that enfolds the world with Peace. The beauty of Love is identifiable as Spirit expressing Its Love to Itself. In this communion, all is well. From this union, I have a visceral knowing of Love, and because of this union, I am free. Infinite Possibilities occur! I am grateful for this Truth, for the Power of this Word activated by my release of it to the Law. It is fulfilled now.

And so, it is. Amen.

Rev. Celeste Frazier,


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