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Blessed Spirit

"Faith is a leap into the light, not a step into the darkness.How good it is to Know God! To know God as The One, The I AM, The Almighty." ~Reinhard Bonnke

How humbling it to know that God uses me as a vessel for Sacred Communication.

How bold it is to know that through me, God declares only Truth and nothing but the Truth. So Truth is hereby declared for the hearts and minds of each individual that believes in God and all It’s Mighty Power. As we forge ahead slowly emerging out of the dark days of the Pandemic, we know the Truth of Healing, we witness the Truth of Wellness, we see the Truth of Recovery and we rejoice. We declare Peace for the restless, and Justice for those who feel forsaken. We declare comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and we bless those who have risen to the realm of Eternal Life.

As individuals we remain steadfast and strong knowing with deep abiding Faith that “this too shall pass”. That soon we will be able to come together in Spiritual Community sharing hugs and handshakes, sharing love and friendship.

Until then, we continue to declare safety, harmony and unity for all. We declare an awakening through the lessons we have learned and the “hidden” blessings that have been revealed. We will never be the same; we will be better instead.

How grateful I am to know this Truth, to see this Truth so clearly and express it so humbly.

I release this Sacred word through the Loving Law of Mind knowing it is already done.

And so it is, Amen

Judy Duncklee, RScP


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