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Affirmative Prayer Treatment for Wellness and Healing

This post includes a foreword by Barbara Harrison, President of the CSLGH Board of Trustees, and an Affirmative Prayer Treatment by Assistant Minister Reverend Nancy Woods.

Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a form of prayer used by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind as well as many other metaphysical works. A treatment is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. If you want to manifest a certain condition (perfect health, wealth, or relationships for example), say the treatment out loud as the truth, knowing that it is so!

Your Healing Power – Foreword to Treatment for Wellness

In the space of a couple hours, a woman warned her grandson that he shouldn’t go out because it was raining and he would catch his death, that he shouldn’t sit near an open window because the draft would make him catch a cold, and that wet feet caused pneumonia. The poor child didn’t have a chance. He caught a cold.

How many of us fall prey to the belief that sitting in front of a fan causes a stiff neck, that germs are the cause of colds, that if you had chicken pox as a child it is inevitable that you will get shingles as an adult, or that the flu is “going around”. The weather, conditions, and circumstances influence the mind in a suggestive way only because we generally accept them as true. However, we have the power to accept or reject the suggestion.

About a hundred years ago, Phineas Quimby wrote, “If you believe in something, it will manifest whether you are consciously thinking of it or not.” The trick, then, is to change the belief. Sometimes, this is done simply by knowing the truth.

Joseph Murphy writes in How to Use Your Healing Power, “There is a principle of health, none of disease; a principle of abundance, none of poverty.” How often have we heard someone admonish us to “come back to Principle”? When we are centered in Principle, we realize the Healing Presence within us is the only power, and that there is no other. Then we can allow the transforming, healing, restoring process that is the natural condition in our bodies to do its work, and we are maintained and sustained in the perfection that we were created to be.

Do not be afraid of any condition. Realize you have the power to change it by changing your thinking. Most important, give thanks to God that the healing has already taken place. The Healing Power of God is present in all people. It is not something that only existed 2,000 years ago when Jesus used it. It is an omnipresent confirmation that, with God, all things are possible.

Barbara Harrison President, Board of Trustees Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills

Treatment for Wellness

There is One Mind, One Power, One Divine Presence that is All-knowing, All-powerful, and everywhere.

I am stepping into the awareness that I am a Divine Center that is characteristic of who or what I am. Therefore, I choose to see that truth come forth into expression as a new way of being by stepping into a vivid demonstration of what it is to set up one’s self fully and completely as a divine center, allowing the wonders of many ideas to unfold with ease and grace.

I choose to bring forth, expressing in this very moment, a physical manifestation of my bodily form being energetic, flexible, strong and divinely proportioned. I walk with ease. I step gracefully into all activities that my heart desires. I run. I walk. I dance. I play with ease. Everything that I move towards unfolds beautifully. I am aware that I am a well of joy and a light of peace, and truly an abundance of love. I love this life! My lungs are so strong, my breath deep, and all my hormones and DNA support this truth.

I really appreciate being aware of my divine center. I am beautiful, loving, joyful, powerful, full of life, and a light unto this world. I am filled with peace, knowing these truths about my being.

Life is good. I appreciate this. I accept this. And so it is.

Rev. Nancy Woods Assistant Minister Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills

Do you need help with affirmative prayer treatment – for any condition or experience you are having? Please look at our Practitioner page. Our Licensed Practitioners are available to provide Affirmative Prayer Treatment in person, over the phone, or virtually via the written word delivered by email. It all works! Contact a Practitioner or the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills today.


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