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Youth Program

Family Program: Youth, Tween, Teen Groups

  • The CSLGH Family Program is offered at the 10:30 am second service only.

  • Parents can check children in at 10:00 am and participate in meditation at 10:05 am

  • Children are promptly picked up from the Sanctuary immediately after service.

The Youth, Tween, Teen & Family Program at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills is committed to giving our children the experience of the principles of Science of Mind. Rather than an extension of the classroom teaching they may have during the week, children get actively involved in prayer, meditation and visioning – the three tools of Science of Mind. Parents can reinforce the learning by continuing these spiritual practices at home.

CSLGH has three age groups for its Family Program:

  • Youth for children age 2 through kindergarten and grades 1-3

  • Tweens for grades 3-6

  • Teens for grades 7-12

Each group starts with an opening prayer. This spiritual mind treatment includes five steps with the third step changing each week. It is a simple way for our children to begin to learn and understand treatment.

In a safe and loving space, we share what has happened in the past week and what maybe coming in the next week. The Youth Group frequently gets in at least 90 seconds of meditation! Tweens do one of several meditations – walking, conscious eating, guided meditation, and mindfulness. Teens practice silent and still meditation. Both the Tweens and Teens get introduced to the practice of visioning.

Our intention with curriculum lessons is that the Youth Group “graduates” with an understanding that God is all there is, so they understand that they are one with God. The Tweens understand the five steps of spiritual mind treatment and spiritual practice of meditation. The Teens are eligible for Teen Camp, can create their own spiritual mind treatment and meditate and have an understanding of visioning.

For more information on any of our Youth & Family Programs, contact the center by email or call us at (818) 363-8136.


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