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We Are All Perfect, Whole and Complete

In the Science of Mind teaching that we practice here at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills, Ernest Holmes tells us that we are Perfect, Whole and Complete.

But, many of us may think we are a far distance away from being Perfect. And, the thought of being Complete seems a bit of a stretch!

What we must understand, as discussed by Ernest Holmes regarding affirmative prayer treatment, when doing a treatment for any person, we start with the idea of Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.

The Science of Mind practitioner begins a prayer treatment by removing all doubt and fear and assures himself and the one seeking help, that the person is complete and perfect, harmonious and whole. A practitioner does this because any student of Science of Minds lives in the Now – the Present Moment.

But, you say, what if I am sick? Broke and looking for a job? Still searching for that perfect companion? And the list continues. That isn’t Whole, Perfect and Complete!

Now, think about this for a moment, even say these words out loud. “I am complete and perfect. I am harmonious and whole.”

How does that feel? How does that sound? What images and thoughts does that stir? What arguments – or chatter does your mind say as you repeat these words?

Often you will hear a Practitioner speak about the Truth. A Truth is a fact always true for every person. The Truth I know is that YES, right in this moment you are Perfect, Whole and Complete!

Period! No Ifs – No Ands — No Buts!

In fact, like it or not, you are Perfect Man, or Perfect Woman, Perfect Being. You are complete and perfect. You are harmonious and whole.

And, let us say that tomorrow you lose those extra ten pounds, or you finally overcome a health challenge, or you magically fall in love, or whatever. Tomorrow you will still be Perfect, Whole and Complete!

And, the same would be true if tomorrow you put on an extra five pounds, or you discover you have a health challenge, or your boyfriend / girlfriend runs off with your best friend. Then tomorrow you will still be Perfect Whole and Complete.

So, guess what? You are stuck with being Perfect Whole and Complete!

As much as I enjoy being a practitioner and working with people, we can all cut to the chase and simply accept being Perfect Whole and Complete.

When we gaze upon our fellow man – our neighbors, our co-worker, our boss, the person on the corner begging for change, the person in front of us with 17 items in the 15-items-or-less line – we are all:

Perfect Man — Perfect Woman — Perfect Being. Perfect Whole and Complete. And to you – Love, Peace, Joy

And So It Is

The above post is from a Five Minute Talk presented on a Sunday morning at the Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living. Talks are given by Licensed CSL Practitioners who invest at least four years in learning and applying these concepts and ideas in their daily life. For more talk topics like this one, please join us at our Center for one of our Sunday services or for our Wednesday evening service at 7 PM.

Photo copyright Marsh Engle. All rights reserved.


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