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Rev. Nicole Robbins

Rev. Nicole, a third generation Los Angelina, felt the connection to the Divine at an early age. Having had multiple surgeries before age five, she appreciates the gift of life and understands how challenges can be our opportunities for growth. Rev. Nicole earned her Master of Spiritual Psychology, with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing, from the University of Santa Monica. Shortly after, she found a home at the Center Spiritual Living Granada Hills, where she earned her practitioners license. Being called into ministry in the Summer of 2020, she completed Ministerial school and earned a second Master’s in Spiritual Leadership and Consciousness studies. Rev. Nicole continues to expand her spirituality, having completed the Sacred Art of Living and Dying program, as well as the Anamcara Apprenticeship program with Richard Groves in Bend, Oregon.

In 2023 she was named the Director of our Youth and Family Ministry. Rev. Nicole is joyfully building our youth program as she knows how our practices and principles can change the lives of our children, tweens and teens. She is currently developing our Children’s Center for Creative and Performing Arts, and after-school /Saturday children’s enrichment classes. Her intention for this program is to allow children to experience a variety of ways to connect to their creativity.

"We learn in different ways, but accessing our creativity is critical to true happiness and emotional intelligence, and quite honestly, can be a spiritual experience for the student….when we connect to music, art, language, metaphor and the joy of self-expression…it is amazing, healing and so much FUN!!! Dreams are like trees we need them to breathe.”

She facilitates the Ladies weekly meet-up group “Sangha” in which she brings topics and books for the participants to discuss. She also volunteers for the Freedom to Choose Project, which runs workshops for incarcerated individuals, assisting them with self-forgiveness, releasing judgment and positive communication skills. In her professional life, she runs a very successful tennis academy. Nicole enjoys working out, skiing and reading in her free time.

Rev. Nicole is inspired to enjoy the preciousness of life based on her extensive personal experiences with death and the tragic aftermath of suicide. She serves on the Board of Directors at CSLGH, enjoys teaching classes at the center and is available for spiritual counseling on an appointment basis.


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