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Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt, Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt is an ordained Religious Science minister and has been awarded both a Doctor of Religious Science and a Doctor of Divinity for exceptional service with the Centers for Spiritual Living. For over 27 years, she has been in active ministry and a practitioner for 30 years in the Religious Science movement. She has served on Creative Thought Magazine for 8 ½ years, and subsequently, she served on the Board of Education managing all the second-year classes until integration. For over ten years, she was president of the International New Thought Alliance – Los Angeles. She served the Granada Hills community for 14 ½ years, and then moved to Westlake Village, CA, to take on that community for 7 years.

Since retirement from the pulpit in 2016, she returned to her roots in editing and proofreading. Having written in some form or another her whole life, her first novel will be out shortly. She continues to speak as a substitute at local centers every month and is teaching various metaphysical classes as well as her signature class, Writing for Pleasure and Profit. Her practice as a counselor/coach is a significant part of her desire to make a difference in the world, and this aspect of her life continues to be incredibly rewarding. She currently serves on both the Doctoral Committee, the Science of Mind Magazine Advisory Board, and the Retired Ministers’ Council.

She lives in Newbury Park, CA, close to her children, Heather and Nathan, and her adored granddaughter, Sydney.


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