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My Life is God's Life

"Every thought sets the fulfillment of its desire in Motion and Mind to see the thing as already done." Ernest Homes

There is only one Life. That Life is God's Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life now.

My fulfillment comes when I realize I am "free to be" - to become whatever I want to experience in my life. Right here right now.

How very grateful I am in knowing as I simply turn within and recognize that God is all that is, that my life is unfolding in perfect right order. I am evolving and learning to say yes to my spiritual growth.

And at this moment l declare, my life is perfect and healthy. l am strong, creative, expressing joy in every area, my entire flame shines forth and showers love to all that I meet, knowing God is all there is, prosperity comes forth with ease and grace. Life is so good. Love overcomes everything and neutralizes all that is unlike itself. My heart is open to the Love of the Universe. I am open and I receive Love as I send Love out into this thing I call my Life.

As I look out into this thing I choose to call this Heavenly place I call earth – I see peace coming forth - as man brings forth harmony and love to each other.

I am grateful for this knowingness. I am eternally blessed and I live a life full of thanks in a state of bliss.

I release these words of Truth to the Law in which it is fulfilled. lt is done.

And so it is.

Rev. Suzy Andrews


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