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Malayna Dawn, Media Producer

Malayna Dawn is a third generation New Thought student who grew up in Unity and found the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills only a few years ago when seeking spiritual community in her neighborhood. From the moment she walked in the door, she has discovered so many connections from different parts of her life, sit was clear she had found a home.

She brings her love of sharing ideas and inspiration to the Center with her brainchild program, Flrysh, an Eco Talk Show, and in her video chat show and podcast. Thoughts on Talks: Deep Dives & Digressions with Rev. Mike. After all that fun, she asked if she could redesign the center's website in order to showcase the great work everyone does! From the audio-visual team doing live-streaming, to the musicians, and the YouTube channel that practitioner-at-large, Sherry Gideons, has put so much love into boosting.

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