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Life is Easy: You Are Always at Choice

This post is the first in a series by Wayne McDonald RScp. Wayne is a licensed practitioner who writes health articles and inspires others to be pro-active in their lives.

Today’s lesson is “You are always at choice.

I have a friend that says, “Life is Hard.

My response is, “Life is Easy. Life is also Joyous – Life is Beautiful – Life is Fun.

Whatever you say or what you are declaring to the Universe is your truth. Your words create your reality and color your world. Life can be hard – if that is what you want to experience in life. No matter what is going on at the moment – whether it be chaos and challenges or sunshine and rainbows – whatever you say at the moment is what you will be experiencing.

Some people can look at a glass and say it is half-full. Some people can look at a glass and say it is half-empty. I look at a glass and say, “I am so blessed to have a glass to hold an unlimited supply of good.

Being at choice is looking beyond outer appearances. If life situations or life challenges are not what you want to experience – then declare what you do want. Declare and affirm your truth and keep on declaring and affirming until it changes, or until you can see beyond the outside appearance.

Being at choice is taking responsibility for your life. That is the good news, and that is the bad news. You can wake up in the morning and let the day unfold in a random order, or you can ‘Be at Choice’.

A great way to Be at Choice is to pray with a partner. Read on for a simple guide for this.

Life is Easy – Being at Choice prayer guideline

Every morning, I meditate for a short five or ten minutes. Then I call my prayer partner (or life partner) and we do a short affirmative prayer. Example:

Person#1: Today I am One with Divine Flow and my day unfolds easily and effortlessly.

Person#2: Today I am open and receptive to the Right Perfect Solution for [ __________ fill in the blank with whatever Person#2 is seeking – “prosperity and new sources of income” is an example].

After we have stated our truth, Person#1 begins the affirmative prayer with the following.

Person#1: “As I speak my word, I speak for [Person#1], [Person#2] and friends and family.”

“I am One with Source (or, God is the Source and Substance of my Supply).”

“I know right here [Person#1 Statement] and [Person#2 Statement].”

Then Person#1 says, “I pass the Light (or, I pass my words) to [Person#2].”

Person#2 repeats: “I know right here [Person#1 Statement] and [Person#2 Statement].”

Then Person#2 closes with: “I give thanks for [Statement#1], [Statement#2], I give thanks for knowing this Truth, I give thanks for friends and family.”

“I release and let go knowing it is already done and complete. And so it is [or, Amen].”

The above example is a simple guideline. Keep in mind that it is important to always:

  1. Speak in Present Tense (right here, right now)

  2. Speak with the “I am”

  3. Speak positively and avoid use of the word ‘no’

Correct: “I release and let go of any outer appearances, and declare I have Right and Perfect Health.”

Incorrect: “I have no flu symptoms.”

Your statements for any day can be whatever is on your to-do list for the day or any challenge that you want to change.

I had my first prayer partner with whom I checked in daily for over five years – each and every day! Then I took a break for a couple of years. As I am writing this my current partner, prayer partner #2 and I have been checking in for the past three years.

I am so blessed to have a prayer partner. I am always at choice and I declare how my day is to unfold.

I invite you to read my other articles of ‘Life is Easy’ in which I include other phrases that can be used as your daily affirmations to make life easier.

And to you – Love, Peace, Joy!

And So It Is!

Photo by BK on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.


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