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Life is Easy: What I Am Seeking

This post is part of a series by Wayne McDonald RScp. Wayne is a licensed practitioner who writes health articles and inspires others to be pro-active in their lives.

Today’s Lesson is “What I am seeking is seeking me.”

I have several favorite declarations I use when I am faced with a challenge or looking for an answer.

“What I am seeking is seeking me” is a positive declaration that can be used for finding car keys, finding the right and perfect job, or for finding the answer to a complex question. This statement works well in an opening statement and ending with, “What I am seeking is seeking me.”

This declaration can be used as a ‘Person#1 Statement’ as outlined in “Life is Easy #1-Being at Choice”, or can be stated openly to the Universe. Example: “I am looking for a new car that is reliable transportation. I know, that what I am seeking is seeking me.”

When I am tapping into the Universal Mind, I am open and receptive to the infinite sources of answers, information, and solutions to what I am seeking to resolve.

I am always at choice. I can be angry and upset that I can not find my car keys – again, or I can ask, “I know my car keys are right here – right now. I know, what I am seeking is seeking me.”

Friends, family and the news may declare: ‘unemployment is high’, ‘nobody is hiring at this time’, ‘you do not have the right skills’, ‘you are too old’, ‘you are too young’, and the list goes on. But being at choice is taking responsibility for your life. It is declaring what you want. It is looking beyond outer appearances. It is about knowing that the job you want is here, right now.

Life is Easy #2- What I am seeking is seeking me

In the first example we knew what we were looking for but we did not know where to find the keys. Sometimes [we may think] we do not have the answer and we have absolutely no clue of where to begin, or what the question is. Things that seem complex, can be broken down into multiple questions.

Example: I want to buy a house. You might have several questions

– “Can I afford a house?”

– “Where can I buy a house?”

– “What about financing and what are the best rates?”

In this example you might start with, I am open and receptive to helpful information about buying a house. I know, what I am seeking is seeking me.”

As the information comes forth, you can gather and collect all the information. Then from these answers you can then ask the next question, like “I am looking for a beautiful home in [City] that is near schools. I know, what I am seeking is seeking me.”

With any complex problem, there is an easy answer. Ask simple questions, sort and collect information, then ask a new question, sort and collect, and continue till the problem is resolved or until you can see beyond the outside appearance.

I invite you to read the other articles of ‘Life is Easy’ and I have included other phrases that can be used as your daily affirmations to make life easier.

And to you – Love Peace Joy

And So It Is

If you enjoyed this post in the Life is Easy series, please read our other posts by contributors, ministers and practitioners, and join us for one of our Sunday or Wednesday services at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills. All are welcome!

Photo on Flickr by Temari09. Some Rights Reserved.


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