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Life is Easy: Using a Daily Affirmation

Daily affirmation My life is easy

Today’s lesson is “Using a Daily Affirmation.

I have always used a daily affirmation (a mantra) to keep myself centered and to remind myself that whatever is going on around me, I am always a reflection of God.

My daily affirmation is LOVE PEACE JOY. This is how I choose to see the world and I use it to heal the planet.

The other day I was reading 365 Days of Richer Living by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker. The daily affirmation for that day was titled, “My Life Is Easy, For God Is Ruling My Day.”

This is a wonderful, uplifting, and positive affirmation. We are always at choice. We can either get caught-up in all the negative bad things that are happening in our life, or, we can change our thinking. Today I focus on the positive and affirm what I want NOW.

As for the daily grind of going to work each day, we are again at choice. Some people dislike their job – or simply hate going to work each day. For myself, I LOVE MONDAYS.

Monday is my Gratitude Day. When I go to work on Monday, I am so very grateful to have a job, a good pay check, health benefits, a retirement account – plus extra income every month for my saving account and to spend a little on myself.

In 365 Days of Richer Living it says, Peace fills my mind; love fills my heart and God is always where I am. I discard doubt, for I know that the One Mind knows what to think in me, and what to produce through me.”

At the bottom of the page, the last sentence says, “I thank God for life, and I live this life fearlessly, wisely and lovingly.”

Today you can make a NEW decision. You can make Monday a ‘Gratitude Monday’ and give thanks for all you have, and all you have to share.

My gift to you are these affirmations. Choose an affirmation that sings to your heart and make it your daily affirmation and watch your life transform.

#1 affirmation – Love Peace Joy

#2 affirmation — My Life is Easy

#3 affirmation — I live my life fearlessly – wisely – and lovingly.

And to you – Love Peace Joy

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald, RScp.

Wayne McDonald discovered Science of Mind with Dr. Rev. Maureen Hoyt. Wayne has been Empowering People To Make Pro-Active Health Choices since 1998 with several of his Holistic Health websites. He is a regular Presider at CSL Granada Hills and enjoys sharing thoughts of ‘how Science of Mind has changed his life’. Wayne says, “As a practitioner, I KNOW these teachings work and I welcome the opportunity for others to discover that Truth for themselves.”

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Photo by Kevin Dooley on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

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