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"Let us be happy to begin right where we are and grow." ~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Here it is the month of September. In my youth, September was bittersweet because the leisurely days of summer break ended (the school year now begins in August), but there was the anticipation of a new school year. It was exciting to go shopping for school clothes, buying school supplies, and meeting up with classmates that I had not seen all summer. The new school year was a time to start out fresh and learn new things.

I love the Science of Mind teaching because I can continue to learn and grow. My first Science of Mind class was 30 years ago at the Glendale Church of Religious Science. It has been a wonderful journey of spiritual growth, where I’ve cultivated a deeper connection with the God within through spiritual practices such as meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and reading uplifting material.

My plan is to be open to learning new things as long as I live. I enjoy the spiritual classes at the Center, but I’m also active in Toastmasters, continuing to develop my public speaking skills. Being receptive to learning new things has served me well. In March 2020, I knew very little about Zoom. When the quarantine began, I needed to learn Zoom quickly so I could connect with others. Each day, I’m continuing to be more proficient on Zoom. I love to find out about new and creative ways to do new things.

Being receptive to learning has enriched my life as I feel stimulated in mind and spirit. My goal is continued education and learning new things as long I live!

Affirmation: Life is an Adventure. I enjoy learning and evolving each day.

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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