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INSIDE OUT- Changing Core Memories

I saw the PIXAR movie, Inside Out, the day it came out. The brain, science tell us, is one of the most complex things in all of creation, and the movie’s depiction of it is a thing of genius, a mix of fantastic animation and sublimely delivered wisdom, all of it connected to the emotions and thoughts being experienced by the main character- an 11 year old girl.

When I got out of the theater, I remarked to my daughter that the movie felt like a Science of Mind because it showed how core memories affect the present.

I remember grappling with a negative core memory of mine several years ago as I pulled into the Palmdale Medical Center parking lot to meet with my Retinologist for the first time, for vision issues I was having.

I realized I still had a deep core belief/memory about my eyesight. Here it is: I have bad vision, I will always have bad vision, AND there’s nothing that can be done about it.

YES! I was attached and still carrying around what had been told to me since I was six years old, which was way back in the last century. And even tho’ it had been proven to me with my cataracts surgery that my vision could be improved a thousand percent, I was at the effect of something that was told to me several decades ago.

Let’s review… What do we teach in Science of Mind? It is very simple: God is all there is. I am ONE with God to the extent that I believe. But REGARDLESS of my thinking, GOD is all there is.

Emma Curtis Hopkins in her book Spiritual Law in the Natural World tells it like it is: “When we know that it is true that we are one with God, and that God is everywhere, there is no disease anywhere in anybody. Our realization of being one with all health is so strong that it heals.”

I kept that in mind n the Retinologist’s office where they took all sorts of imaging of my eyes. Finally I’m sitting in the room and Dr. See comes in. (YES- my Retinologist’s name was Dr. SEE!) He puts up the images of my eye with cross sections and dissections and the interior views and exterior views.

Dr. See points to the cross section of my macula in my right eye and says, “so we saw the smooth complete surface here in your left eye, here is your right eye, there’s a hole…,” and he goes on to explain how the hole formed, and I feel a crescendo building- I have bad vision, I will always have bad vision, AND there’s nothing that can be done about it.

He’s still talking but in that moment just when he’s explaining the good news that it is not a disease, but a mechanical function that caused this hole- In that split second when I’m ready to hear “AND there’s nothing that can be done about it,”

I CHANGE MY THINKING and allow myself to hear, “AND there’s this surgery we can do to close the hole and restore your vision.” AWESOME, RIGHT?!?!?!

It was Jeff Foster’s poem manifested: Remembering who you really are Involves a subtle shift of attention From a tense present To the present tense.

Yes, it is the present moment that we feel the Oneness- not what we remember of the past or what we imagine in the future.

Now, a year after having the retinal surgery, I went from having no central vision to having 80% central vision in my right eye. Just by allowing a core memory/belief to change, I changed my life!

Thank you!


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