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I Live A Perfectly Imperfect Life

“I'm not here to be small, to compare, to judge (myself or you), to fit in, or to be perfect. I'm here to grow, to learn, to love, to be human.” -Sue Fitzmaurice “Being uniquely YOU is the new perfect.” -Stephanie Lahart Oooooooh, yes, I realize that the only thing that exists is Spirit, Allah, Source, Y*w*h, Love… the thing that has no name and has all names — God. It follows that as God is all there is, we are united with God, never separate. All activity is God activity, from sitting in meditation to mucking the horse stalls, to driving down the 405 freeway,

I declare that we are perfect, whole, and complete even as we are always growing in consciousness, not finished with our exploration of life, and stumbling on our journey. Everything is exactly correct in our lives RIGHT NOW, in this moment, now in this moment, and again in this moment. We are perfect in our absolute imperfection. It is always about being perfectly Here, perfectly ourselves, in all our divine uniqueness. We cannot be fixed because we are NEVER broken! This knowing the truth that everything is always right with us fills me with immense gratitude.

So I give thanks and release my Word to Law. I don’t have to keep checking back because I know in release, it’s done. And so it is. AMEN Rev. Jessica Fish


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