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How I Found God in Solar

I love this teaching – I love this teaching because I found the tools to really awaken to my spiritual magnificence – to really understand union with God and to understand that God is always with us. That concept that God is always with us and that our lives unfold to the extent that we believe that God is always with us is a good one to get, right?

But God, First Cause is invisible. Ernest Holmes reminds us that bringing God into the visible is the invisible taking temporary form.

This year, I realized this in a profound way.

I got solar. Been researching it forever. I’m the kind of person who thinks they should pay me to rent my roof to generate power. Way back in September 2014, I found a company that practically gives it to me.

I went through the process of surveying my property for best placement- I mean, if you can’t do solar in the desert, where can you do solar??

Panels were installed late November 2014 and then I had to go through a long process of inspections and getting permission from the power company to connect to their grid. Their grid acts like a battery for me- my extra power I generate but don’t use during the day goes into the SCE grid, who then gets given back to me at night when I need it.

On January 20, 2015 at night when I got home, I found out I had permission to connect to the SCE grid so the morning of January 2, right at sunrise, I turned on the panels and connected to the grid. I WAS EXCITED!

There’s an app I can access to show me real time how much power I’m generating. And on the Southern California Edison side, I can log into my account and see all the power I give back to the grid. The first week, I was obsessive about checking that app practically every hour- I’m astonished by how much power gets generated even on the cloudy days we have.

So I have a power plant on my roof, pulling sunlight in and generating power. It was always there available to me; I just had to bring it into form. Oh, and get this- the whole time between November 2014 when the system was installed and I got permission in January 2015 to connect to the grid, THE SYSTEM WAS GENERATING POWER – it just didn’t have a place to express it into!!

I ‘m thinking to self – isn’t that just like GOD and me?!?! God is always available to us, expressing as and through us. We just have to connect, we have to be aware of our connection but GOD’S THERE, OUR CONNECTION TO GOD IS THERE, WHETHER WE ARE AWARE OR NOT.

There is no separation from us and God. PERIOD.

Thank you!


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