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Gain Enlightenment through Service

by Wayne McDonald RScp.

There are many paths to enlightenment, such as sitting in silence, training the mind through meditation or the path of devotion.

In the book Spiritual Growth, author Sanya Roman says, “A major opportunity for spiritual growth exists in the path of enlightenment through service. Much of your Spiritual growth will come through serving others and teaching… You can add light to the world through anything you do, through your job, family life, and other activities.”

What Sanya is describing is Selfless Service, performed without any expectation of result or reward. It is giving from the Heart.

True service recognizes another person’s divinity and offers actions that empower that individual.

As we serve others and operate from the heart, we are raising our vibration; working from our Higher Self. It is in these moments of serving others that we are more open to knowing what our own next calling might be.

The Science of Mind [SOM] texts reminds us that we can have a Practitioner treat for us. To treat, or do a treatment, is the process of doing an affirmative prayer. The act of treatment by a Practitioner sets the Law into motion for us.

But, the evolution of the individual- the unfolding of personality, the enlightenment of the soul, the illumination of the spirit, can come only to the degree that the individual enables Life to operate through him.

This place of service is where we may experience an “Aha Moment,” or a dim light of knowing something deeper, which will lead us to our next question.

Enlightenment through service includes working with those in need. Helping people is different from saving people or fixing people.

Any place where you are in service, making contact with humanity, you are adding more light, more love, and more peace into the world.

Service could be a grand mission helping many, but it can also be as simple as being an usher at your church, saying a few kind words, or simply giving a warm smile.

Enlightenment through service is not about “putting in your time.” It is part of the equation of the Law of Giving and Receiving, which is tithing your time, talent and treasure. Many of us are on a path to grow spiritually and are searching for answers. The joy of Enlightenment through Service is that you never know who that next teacher will be, or that you are the teacher. It all starts with a simple smile and a kind word.

And to you – Love Peace Joy

And So It Is

Wayne is a licensed practitioner at CSLGH who writes health articles and inspires others to be pro-active in their lives. More by Wayne McDonald Here


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