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Don’t Pray for Rain, Pray Rain, the Thing Itself.

It is said that Ernest Holmes summarized the science of consciousness in three short sentences:

1. “Life is one perfect Wholeness.”

2. “The Universe is a Unit.”

3. “God is one.”

There is nothing outside of God. There is not God and something. In other words, there is never anything separate from God. Any experience of separation is the result of distorted perception. Science of Mind teaches that all distortion of perception can be healed. “Change your thinking, Change your life.”

Because our perceptions determine the nature and quality of our experience, we cannot experience what we do not perceive.  So we do our Spiritual Mind Treatment from the consciousness that we already have what we want – we just need to realize it.

It’s kind of like that phenomena when a person goes to the bank for a loan saying they lack money, the bank will turn them down but turn around and throw all sorts of credit cards at another person who doesn’t ask because that person has all the money they need.

Why You Must Pray From The Thing Itself

That contrast of praying for something and praying from the thing itself is Ernest Holmes’ distinction between having faith in God and having the faith of God. We can begin to pray from prosperity, pray from health, pray from right relationships, and pray from perfect creativity.

This is the great mystery of life. When I started reading Ernest Holmes’ book Science of Mind I felt all tangled up in my perceived paradox. I was praying for enlightenment, which I couldn’t be, until I prayed from already being enlightenment!

I know we’re all clear on the ultimate truth that we are living the life of God, as God.

How to Pray Rain for the California Drought

I invite all of us to take on a condition to be healed, for example, the drought in California.

We can’t dismiss the drought as if it did not exist in our experience.

Holmes acknowledged such conditions to be real – “as real as they are supposed to be.” Rather than proclaim that the drought or any condition is unreal, Holmes says that we must “turn from the condition” and instead know that wholeness is always right here, even where the condition is. The faith of God blesses the drought for the gift of truth that it obscures, and which the blessing reveals.

The native Americans do not pray for rain; they pray rain; they pray from rain.

Let’s do this! Close your eyes and know rain,

smell rain,

hear rain,

breathe rain,

taste rain,

feel the water filling up our reservoirs, know the truth of having enough water to share and spare.

Be water,

drink water,

let water shower over you,

float luxuriously supported in water.

Be water.

We are all expressing God-consciousness into form.

Keep breathing in and out and allow J.D Martin’s musical inspiration in the video below to wash over you.

The above post is from a Five Minute Talk presented on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night at the Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living. Talks are given by Licensed CSL Practitioners who invest at least four years in learning and applying these concepts and ideas in their daily life. For more talk topics like this one, please join us at our Center for one of our Sunday services or for our Wednesday evening service at 7 PM.

Photo by Dee Ashley on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.


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