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Courting The Beloved

This blog post is derived from a Five Minute Talk presented by Reverend Jeanne Hoffman at the Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living.

Today I observe how I court the Beloved, for I am reminded with every breath that the Beloved has courted me and called me to live my life authentically.

Rumi says it so well in the first stanza of his poem, Music

For 60 years I have been forgetful,

Every minute, but not for a second

Has this flowing toward me stopped or slowed.

I deserve nothing. Today I recognize

That I am the guest the mystics talk about.

I play this living music for my host.

Everything today is for the host.


Rumi also writes at length about the Silence – that space in which we make our divine appointments with the Host – with God – and, not only do we make these appointments, we keep them, allowing nothing to be more important.

There are three things that come so clearly to my mind that my fingers cannot write them down fast enough! Here is how I attend to Spirit so Spirit can attend to me:

  1. Make time several times a day to experience Silence, that Field of Possibility that I hunger for, just as It hungers for me

  2. Wake up and pay attention to what is right in front of me, now; even though I have goals and plans and aspirations, my work is in front of me now

  3. Saying yes to what I am called to do. It is sometimes difficult, and I might not want to do or be whatever “it is.” And, if it is for good, it is for God, and I get to discover something about myself – an illusive piece of the puzzle for which I have been searching

It begins and ends in the Silence. And, as Rumi says, ”The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.”

Don’t go back to sleep!

Photo Let Your Light Shine Down by Stacy Egan on Flickr.


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