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Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills: A New Way to Look at Easter


Hundreds of millions of people believe the body of Jesus was regenerated and raised from the dead on Easter Sunday. Millions of others believe it was his ‘spiritual body’ that was raised. The folks who were to become known as ‘Christians’ began arguing the point within years of the crucifixion…some keep up the same argument today.

“Was Jesus Divine from birth or did he ‘come to know Himself as one with the Father’?” “Was the body stolen or raised?” “Did that body ascend into heaven?”

These are all questions of faith that must be addressed by anyone considering the question of Jesus. Historically, the evidence is scant. Scholars tell us even the timeline of the gospels is suspect. Is this reason to discard the proposition altogether?

I think not.

If we look at the body of work attributed to Jesus, we find a way of living that calls all peoples, believers or not, to step up into being the best people they can be.

“Turn the other cheek”

“Judge not lest you be judged”

“Never mind the speck in your neighbors mind – tend to the log in our own”

“Do not fret over life trials and tribulations, are not the lilies of the field or the birds in the sky cared for? Would He not care for YOU even more than these?”

“There are healing aspects to faith and belief that defy rational explanations”

“Acts of humility are stronger than public displays of piety”

These are but a few examples of the lessons of this great teacher. They are all strong lessons on how to ‘think rightly’ into our most effective way of living human life and find a way of living that allows for a measure of prosperity through mutual respect and love.

So please join us on Easter. We are a non-denominational Center for Spiritual Living. All are welcome, no matter what your beliefs.


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