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#AWorldThatWorksForEveryone: The 2015 Centers for Spiritual Living Convention

Seven of us from CSL Granada Hills went to the Centers for Spiritual Living Convention back in February 2015 in Las Vegas. We learned a lot and grew in consciousness. We met up with our sister and brother centers. We shared, had fun, and partied hearty.

I came home with this T-Shirt from Center for Spiritual Living Apple Valley.

Rev. Jessica Fish Ups Her Consciousness!

Rev. Jessica Fish Ups Her Consciousness!

We did “UP” our consciousness, growing down our spiritual paths. Rev. Mike even demonstrated something he’s wanted – more hair!

Manifesting Hair

Now that’s a manifestation!

There are more stories, but, as we all know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The CSL Vision and Mission

I was thrilled to hear our leaders focus on the Center for Spiritual Living movement’s mission rather than the administration. We heard about our vision/mission focus: envisioning a world that works for everyone – where each and every person has enough food, a home, and a sense of belonging.

Knowing a world in which kinship with all life prospers and connects through the guidance of spiritual wisdom and experience.

We are meaningfully involved with service to the world.

We are open, receptive, and welcoming of all people, all faiths and all pets to God. (That had Rev. Kathy very excited with her Animal Kinship Ministry here at Granada Hills!)

Inspiration and Motivation at the Convention

Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

CSL’s Spiritual Leader, Dr. Kenn Gordon,  reminded us that as God is all there is, we are always at choice as to where we put our focus.

…That our individual spiritual practice is the most important thing we have in our teaching.

(For your own inspiration, watch this 2 minute video by Dr. Kenn on YouTube. To purchase recordings of the convention sessions, visit this site.)

It was all very inspiring! And then, after each presentation, we were thrown out into the casino, because every hallway and door leads to casino. Here I was in Vegas, feeling very uplifted. I wanted to take it out into the world!

Taking the CSL Message to the World on the Vegas Monorail

One night, while I was riding the monorail around, I chatted with the person next to me. I asked the woman where she was going and she said she liked the slots at the MGM. She asked me what I was in Vegas for. I told her I was at a convention. She asked me for what organization.

Here’s what I told her: We belong to a global enterprise. We’ve got outlets all around the world.

We visit people in hospitals, prisons, and hospice centers. We have youth programs. We feed the homeless; we have educational programs. We look after people from birth to death, creating a world that world for everyone. And, we basically deal with giving people tools to change their thinking to change their life for the better.

She said “Wow!” And asked, “What organization is that – one that does so much?

I felt great telling her, “Centers for Spiritual Living.”

I came away from the convention feeling that this movement, this organization that I belong to – Centers for Spiritual Living – is very much in alignment with my individual personal path.

I am grateful for all of us here at Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills coming together in spiritual community not just to socialize and have fun together (and believe me, I love doing that), but that we do focus on being meaningfully involved with service to the world; creating a world that works for everyone.

Look for and follow the hashtag #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone.

Thank you!

Do you want to hear more about Centers for Spiritual Living and #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone? Reverend Jessica is one of the ministers who preside at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills. Come and join us for a Sunday or Wednesday service or one of our classes, workshops or events to hear more!


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