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Age Is An Illusion

“Age is an illusion, limitation is a mistake, and unhappiness is ignorance.” Ernest Holmes.

It is with tremendous joy and deep, everlasting gratitude that I recognize one eternal life, Infinite Spirit, as all that there is in this magnificent Universe of Good. I know Spirit is expressing Itself everywhere, always, and in all ways. The entire manifest universe is Infinite intelligence in perfect expression.

I am a perfect instrument of the Divine. The joy, the light, the magnificence of Spirit is expressing itself in all of its fullness as my life, now and unto eternity. Spirit never contradicts its own nature which is harmony, peace, and bliss. This is my nature now.

There is nothing outside of myself that I need do except to know that God is my life. Any sense of fear has morphed into a deep and abiding faith that I AM all that Spirit is; God is all the peace, power, love, joy, abundance, harmony, and good that there is, and my life is a perfect expression of Spirit. I accept my own Divine Nature and the gift of Grace that is forever giving of itself.

I remain, forever, thankful and grateful beyond the ability of words to describe for knowing this Truth. I remain grounded, anchored, and devout in my knowing that God is all there is and that God is my Life.

I lovingly release this word to the Law, with absolute faith and conviction that it is so.

And So It Is. AMEN

Andrea Recht, RScP


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