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    AMEN Rev Jessica Fish

  • I am a High-Wattage Broadcaster of Love

    There is one God and only God. Not my God and your God- ONE GOD and ONLY GOD. God is harmony, chaos, light, dark, stillness, productive, yes – infinite everything. It follows logically that as God is all there is, we cannot be separate from God; therefore we are one with God. I am a high-wattage broadcaster of love. The richness of love tastes luscious in my mouth, sounds sweet to my ears, is perceived as beautiful by my eyes, and is thought of as brilliant in my mind. As I broadcast love out, Love is reflected back to me in every aspect of the conditions manifesting in my life – health, relationship, finance, spiritual path, intelligent studies, government, and career. By directing the light energy of love to shine, any limits that I may have imagined are easily and gracefully dissolved. As this realization activates within our consciousness, I choose love to come into form as me. I now easily do what needs to be done, answering my unique call to be of service in wholeness and oneness. My heart is open; ever expanding in the world’s conscious community that is so very powerfully AWAKE now. I give thanks that we embody and broadcast infinite Love! I am grateful to know this truth of LOVE as our lives. We allow good to come from our experience. We freely forgive, let go. Releasing my Word to Law, we know Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible. And so it is. AMEN! Rev.Jessica Fish

  • Think Healthy Thoughts

    Amen Rev Jessica Fish #RevJessicaFishRScP #HealthyThoughts #FaceMasks #CleanAir #PureDrinkingWater

  • Rev. Jessica Fish

    Jessica Fish, licensed as an R.Sc.P. practitioner since 1999, was originally trained at Agape with Michael Rev Jessica became a licensed minister with Center for Spiritual Living-Granada Hills in 2011 and CSL Rev Jessica wants you to know this about her- she loves God. Jessica resides in the spaciousness of the high desert of Acton, California, balancing her life with Jessica Fish Email Rev. Jessica

  • Bereavement Support Group

    Jessica Fish Co-Facilitated by Reverend Jessica Fish & Reverend Kathy Lyons All are welcome to share

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    Jessica Fish Healing Support Group – Suzanne Jensen, R.Sc.P Education Department – Rev. Jessica Fish Teen Group – Nicole Robbins Tween Group – Lissa Moreno Volunteer Opportunities – Margie

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