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What if You Could Have Unlimited Power and Phenomenal Success?

With the Prosperity Plus class about to unfold at our Center, I was reminded of a film in which the protagonist develops unlimited power. In “Limitless,” Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer living a hand-to-mouth existence, living in a cluttered dump, and lacking the motivation and persistence to put words on paper. He’s also losing his girlfriend, played by Abby Cornish.

He meets an acquaintance from his past who gives him a small, transparent pill, NZT, which when taken, totally transforms him. An unprecedented surge of motivation and supercharged abilities remove all blocks to his productivity and learning.

He completes his book, learns the piano in three days, and becomes fluent in several foreign languages with minimal exposure. He suddenly knows everything about everything…he is using not the usual 20% of his brain power, but 100%.

All fear and social shyness are gone; he accesses everything he has ever read, heard or seen. In one amusing scene, he fights off five thugs using martial arts skills he accesses by visualizing old Bruce Lee videos stored in his brain. As his adventure continues, he makes huge amounts of money in the stock market, and links up with a character, played by Robert DeNiro, to complete a multi-billion dollar merger.

In the film, it’s a little pill that has an amazing power of transformation. At our Center, the teachings of Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind show us another pathway. Ernest Holmes says that life externalizes at the level of our thought. In other words, what we think manifests in our lives.

“There is an inner urge in our own minds to grow, to expand, to break down the barriers of previous limitations and to ever widen our experience. This persistent urge is a driving influence, an irresistible force, and constitutes the greatest impulse in human experience. …It is the urge back of all accomplishment, the promise of all fulfillment.”

–Ernest Holmes

In our Science of Mind teachings, we come to know that there is one Power — a Power for Good in the Universe, and we can use it… through our mind, our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. We know we are expressions of Creative Intelligence, of Infinite Power, AND that Intelligence, that Power, is unlimited. We do have unlimited brain power and the capability to generate phenomenal success!

In the film Bradley Cooper uses a pill to become “limitless.” That may seem an easier path than learning the principles of Science of Mind, but interestingly, by film’s end, he says he has learned to taper off the pill, to use it to expand his brainpower, and achieve unlimited success through his own efforts. Either way, Limitless power at man’s disposal is a classic idea and inspiration to living our best lives.

On Tuesday, June 24th, at 7 PM, the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills starts its Prosperity Plus II program. Anyone who wants more prosperity in their life can take the course. There are no prerequisites, and all are welcome. So, take a step toward more prosperity in your life today. Email or call our Center to reserve your spot in class at 818-363-8136.

Photo by Rev. Elizabeth Schneider


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