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I am a Vessel for God’s Infinite Goodness

“There is a real you, which lives in a real God, and the two are one. To know this is to understand the secret of Life. To realize this is to understand your relationship with the Divine Presence.” Ernest Holmes

I know right now that God is the only Life there is. I now consciously release identification with all stories and conditions. I stand in Present alignment with the deeper “Is-ness.”

The I Am.

I am so grateful for the simplicity of Being. Knowing Oneness my heart is open and I am filled with assurance and Grace. I accept the Flow of Life and all of Its abundant gifts.

Wisdom, Love and Gratitude fill my mind, my heart and my experience of life. I listen within and I am guided

In wholeness; right action. I am a vessel for God’s Infinite Goodness. I am free in my expression of Love.

In gratitude for the now experience of Infinite Peace, Love, Harmony and Well Being. I release my word to the

Law of Mind knowing it is already so.

And so it is!

Suzanne Jensen RScP


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