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Think Healthy Thoughts

“Every person has the natural and inherent power to think what they want to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances.” ~ Wallace Wattles

I recognize that as God is all there is; God is the ONLY thing there is, eternally NOW. There is nothing in my life that is outside of God. The wholeness of Spirit is mine, always, regardless of appearances or thought.

I throw peace around every thought coming to mind. I keep thinking peace and let go of any confusion suggested by appearances. I keep the pipeline of life open and flowing through my consciousness. I bring enthusiasm into every experience of my life.

I make the effort to maintain confidence, peace, and serenity in my awareness. I choose to see God in all people in all conditions, from wearing facemasks in public to being still in meditation. I rejoice in my successes and the successes of others.

Peace expands from within and is always with us, despite conditions around us. We love the beauty of clean air and pure drinking water that “Safer at Home” protocols have manifested. We sleep in peace and awaken in joy, living the one life of God, always.

I am grateful to know this truth of peace. I relax in this knowing, releasing my Word to Law. Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible. We let It be, and so It is.


Rev Jessica Fish


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