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Rev. Kathy Lyons

Rev. Kathy started her spiritual journey in the early 90s at the Glendale Church of Religious Science. Her first teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, inspired her to study the spiritual principles in depth. Kathy received such positive results, she knew it was her calling to become a practitioner, and she became licensed in 1996. In 2003, she completed ministerial training.

Rev. Kathy combined her two passions, spirituality and animals, and became an Animal Kinship Minister in 2008. As an Animal minister, Rev. Kathy provides prayers for animals and their guardian, officiates animal blessings and memorials, gives support while euthanizing a beloved fur (or feathered or scaled) baby, and bereavement support for grieving pet guardians. Rev. Kathy is also delighted to pray for humans as well.


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