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Perfect Health

“To heal means to make hole…healing is the result of clear thinking and logical thinking which presents itself to consciousness and is acted upon by it” . SOM glossary, p. 597

There is only one life and this life is God, an expression of love, wholeness, balance and joy. God is the energy and vitality which flows through the visible and the invisible. God is divine presence.

God is my infinite source and I am one with God. I know that I am a unique expression of the Spirit and all that God is, I am; therefore, I am love, wholeness, balance and joy.

I realize that the One Life within me manifests itself as perfect health; my body is aligned with this truth and there is no doubt in my heart that everything about me, including my physical body, is a reflection of the wholeness and perfection of Spirit. Knowing and accepting this truth brings joy and balance in my life experience. I enjoy perfect health. I radiate energy ,strength and vitality . I affirm that the perfection of God is continually expressing through me as love, wholeness , balance and joy .

I am grateful to know that I am an expression of the One Life; I give thanks for my blessings and my perfect health.

Thank you Spirit. I let go and I let God and so it is!

Ninoska Dueñas, RScP


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