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Creating Opportunities

“When you pray, believe that you have and ye shall receive.” ~Jesus

I know that there is only one Life and that this Life is the Life of God and it is my Life now. I am one with Spirit omnipresent as God. My omniscience continuously shows up as the knowledge and the information I need, when I need it. My omnipotence is demonstrating daily as all the experiences I have, all of which come to me by the perfect Law of Attraction.

Today I am knowing that there are unlimited opportunities available to me in my life. This is a Divine Urge and it expresses through me in all aspects of my life. All of my affairs are in the hands of the Divine. To It are clearly visible the best ways, methods, and means for my greater expression. I leave my affairs in the hands of this principle, and I co-operate with it.

Today the possibilities of my experience are unlimited. The Spirit flows through me, inspiring me and sustaining these inspirations. I have abilities and talents that I am busy using. These talents are Divinely sustained and marked under a Universal plan of right actions.

Life lies open to me, it is rich, full, and abundant. My thoughts, which are my key to life, opens all doors for me. I am one with the infinite source of the All Good and I rejoice in this unity. I proceed on my way as one who knows that God always goes with me into the eternal day of infinite privilege. I open the portals of my soul and accept that which is ready to express through me. Today with a heart of gratitude, I fling wide open these portals; today I am an instrument through which life flows.

And so it is.


Rosalie Bate, RScP


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