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Bereavement Support Group

The CSLGH Bereavement Group meets every 4th Sunday at 1:00pm – Ongoing

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one whether recently or in the distant past, please join us. You are not alone. We are here to support you! We provide a safe and loving environment open to all in need of support during the grieving process.

There is no blueprint for the grief process; each person’s process is unique – with or without tears and taking as long as is needed. In the United States, just as with hospice care, our culture is beginning to recognize this and we respectfully support rather than fearfully suppress the grieving process. 

— Rev. Jessica Fish

 Co-Facilitated by Reverend Jessica Fish & Reverend Kathy Lyons

All are welcome to share their feelings about their own situation at our group session or just sit in the loving and supportive atmosphere of our bereavement group.

  • We welcome all –  individuals, families, couples

  • We provide a safe place for your grief

  • Whether or not you share, attending a group and listening to others can help you

  • There is no one process for grief and no timeline

The meeting starts at 1:00 pm sharp and is complete by 2:30 pm.  Then many of our members stay to discuss their situations in fellowship and support.

Bereavement Group meetings take place on Zoom (previously in the main sanctuary at the Center. Parking available in front or in the back parking lot directly behind the Center and enter from either door.) Please respect other members by being on time.

You are not alone. Contact the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills for more information about our Bereavement Group and other programs for spiritual growth and support. We hope you will join us on the fourth Sunday of the month for the Bereavement Group, attend one of our services, or call us a for counseling or other information.

Photo by Andrew Malone on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.


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